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Best Restaurants for a Romantic Date Night in Atlanta

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Oh, to be in a cute little spot, eating your favorite dish with your favorite person (hi!) in the world! Nothing sounds more romantic, and if romance is what brought you here, you’re at the right spot. If you’re looking for the best restaurants for a romantic date night in Atlanta and need to pick out a place that will reignite the old flames or spark some new ones, then here are all the romantic restaurants that will definitely do the trick!

The Farmhouse

If you’re not fond of the extremely sophisticated, haute interior and prefer something rustic and more in touch with nature, then head over to The Farmhouse in Chatt Hills, Georgia, Atlanta. The Farmhouse offers a quaint and homey interior lighted by soothing tones, so you feel comfortable at all times. Freshly sourcing its food from its own garden and nearby farms, The Farmhouse is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a natural touch. Diners absolutely loved its juicy buttermilk fried chicken, the creamy spinach dip, and its pot de crème... The Farmhouse won't disappoint!


Upscale, romantic, and intricate, the Bacchanalia is a seasonal New American restaurant that offers you and your partner an intimate and chic setting. Bacchanalia has an incredibly unique getup; decorated with industrial touches and contemporary furniture, Bacchanalia makes for an upscale environment like no other place. At Bacchanalia, you can indulge in a multi-course menu that’s worthy of royalty. I'd suggest starting with the steak tartare, following it up with agnolotti, red cow parmigiana, and finishing with an apple tarte tatin…simply heaven!

The Consulate

Would you like to take your taste buds on a trip around the world? Make your way to The Consulate, a trendy restaurant that’s been giving Atlanta the hottest food served in the coziest setting. What makes The Consulate special is probably its special international menu that revives every few weeks; the restaurant features dishes from all around the world in an attempt to introduce its customers to the taste and cultures of the world. Plus, it’s a really wonderful place for a date night because at least we won’t spend a while arguing over what cuisine to eat (since pretty much everything can be found here!)


Think of an intimate diner setting and imagine contemporary sophistication. Now combine the two and you’ll get Aria, a top-notch destination for all romantic endeavors. If you’ve been really struggling to come up with a destination that’s extremely chic and equally comfortable, then Aria is the place to go. At Aria, you can enjoy a sizzling dinner from the kitchen and treat yourself to the best wine from Aria’s extensive wine list. If you’re not in the mood for a formal dinner and want to hang out, you can simply lounge in its bar. Whatever your plans are, guaranteed Aria sure will deliver!

Lazy Betty

Don’t fall for the name; Lazy Betty does not hold back when it comes to satisfying you and your tastebuds. This is my favorite restaurant in Atlanta! With a stylish interior that goes perfectly with the innovative menu, Lazy Betty brings creativity to your date night. At Lazy Betty, the minute our plate sat on the table, you'll be bombarded with such a scrumptious aroma that we definitely cleared our plates within minutes. Lazy Betty offers an intricate 6 course or 8 course tasting menu that takes you on a journey; choose the 6 courses and it starts off with a light cocktail with aperitifs and made our way through a fine dining course filled with delicious appetizers and mind-blowing entrees.


If you like a classic steak but don’t want to go to just any steakhouse, then I believe Marcel will be the perfect place for you. Straying from the age ol’ American steakhouse ambiance and offering one that’s less casual and more intimate and fancy, Marcel is a beautiful place if you want to spark up the romance over some steaks. At Marcel’s, we'll dined like kings, feasting on prime steaks that are juicy and cooked just the way we like it and sipping on finely aged wine… Marcel is not one to disappoint!

Sotto Sotto Restaurant

I figured you might want to hit an Italian restaurant if you’re thinking of a date night because well, let’s be honest; there’s nothing more romantic than Italian cuisine. If that’s the case and you’re hoping for a reenactment of The Lady and the Tramp’s romantic spaghetti scene, then make your way to the Sotto Sotto Restaurant where Italian cuisine thrives. From traditional Italian recipes passed down generations to some classics with contemporary twists, Sotto Sotto Restaurant is a sure way to make your romantic endeavors come to life. And, when you take a look at its extensive Italian wine list, you’ll be rushing to make reservations!

Atmosphere Restaurant

The Atmosphere Restaurant is an upscale, trendy bistro that specializes in French cuisine. If you believe you don’t need an intimate setting in a dimly lit corner of a restaurant to call it a romantic night and would rather go for an outdoor option, then the Atmosphere Restaurant is your ideal choice. I'd suggest having dinner outside and let me tell you, Atmosphere Restaurant offers a beautiful outdoor setting (we can always go indoors if you’d like, though) and serves some of the most scrumptious French dishes you’ll ever eat. If you're a sucker for French cuisine and dinner under the stars, then the Atmosphere Restaurant will create the perfect romantic atmosphere!


A New American restaurant, Canoe sits perched on Ferry Road, overlooking the gorgeous Chattahoochee River. Canoe isn’t your average garden setting restaurant; you’ll find yourself amazed by what the waterfront restaurant can do. At Canoe, you’ll be nibbling on delicious appetizers while listening to the soft bubbling of the river nearby…a romantic dinner here cannot go wrong. Trust me, we'll find it incredibly hard to keep away from each other because of how amorous the environment was. Whether we go for their classic dishes or choose a fresh pastry to fill us up, Canoe is a promising eatery with lots to offer!

Atlanta has a lot of romantic restaurants for every romantic occasion you can think of. Whether you want to go on a romantic getaway or treat yourself to celebrate a big win at work… Atlanta cannot disappoint. Hopefully, you find these restaurants as enthralling and romantic as I do!

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