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Things to do in Atlanta

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Are you in Atlanta and looking for all the things to do? You’re at the right place! Atlanta is a gorgeous city and let me tell you if there’s a place that’s underrated, it’s this one. Atlanta isn’t short on the things you can do, which is also why it sits right with tourists. If you’re a tourist and would like your trip to Atlanta, be as promising as it sounds, then take a leaf out of my book and make sure you do all of these things:

Meeting Pandas at Zoo Atlanta

Let’s be honest, we’ve all spent some time scrolling through panda videos and thinking, “I want to meet them too!” Well, I’m glad to let you know that Atlanta is one place where you can make this wish come true. At Zoo Atlanta, you’ll find some of the largest populations of North American animals; whether it’s apes or little critters, Zoo Atlanta has it all. But one of their most visited sections (no wondering here) is where they keep the absolutely adorable pair of pandas, munching on leaves and rolling in the sand. For anyone who’s hoping to take a snap with pandas, this is the place to go. Plus, Zoo Atlanta also makes a wonderful trip with kids, so if you’ve been looking for a family trip destination that doesn’t have the kids screaming fussily all the time, you’re welcome!

Take An Open Biplane Ride

If you’re an adventurous person and would like to take your exploring plans up a notch (quite literally), then I highly recommend the open biplane ride. You can take the ride with a friend, family member or companion. Or you can even take it solo, but I highly recommend sharing because it makes the memory even more amazing. Trust me, flying over the city and getting to see every little detail there is, is an experience I can’t even begin to describe in words. I booked my biplane ride at

Take A Glimpse Underwater at Georgia Aquarium

Visiting an aquarium never gets old since it’s fun for people of all ages, but a trip to Georgia Aquarium is something I’ll never forget. The Georgia Aquarium at the Centennial Olympic Park is home to thousands of marine species from all over the world, so you’ll probably spend an entire day here. What really made Georgia Aquarium special for me was that it’s not an average aquarium that shows you a window into the underwater world, but it actually has an entire program that allows visitors to physically interact with the sea animals. If you’d like to take a look at marine life and see what it’s like, you can book a seat at Georgia Aquarium’s 4D Theatre which follows the life of some of the aquarium's most impressive animals. I absolutely loved getting to pet the dolphins, so I’ll keep recommending this experience until you try it!

Make A Trip to the High Museum of Art

I must confess, I’m a little obsessed with art so I made my way to the High Museum of Art and if I said I wasn’t impressed, I’d be lying through my teeth! The High Museum of Art has some of the most beautifully detailed and intricate art pieces in Atlanta. I got lost in looking at its various exhibitions and collections and really had to pull myself through to leave. If you’re looking for suggestions, try the Obama Portrait Tour (which has just only been unveiled), the African Art collections and the collection of Modern and Contemporary Art. Trust me, you don’t have to be an art aficionado to have fun here because half the time you’ll be wondering about how such skill can exist in the world!

Erase Your Fears by Indoor Skydiving

I’ve always wanted to skydive but just the thought of jumping off a plane makes my skin crawl. If you’re scared of going actual skydiving but would like to experience what it’s like, then let me suggest iFly Indoor Skydiving, which is open all over the United States. At iFly, you can take a few beginning classes and then make way for the indoor diving platforms. This way, you’re in the eyes of your instructor all the time and aren’t actually propelling towards the earth in open air. Plus, it’s also a great place for families because iFly actually has children-friendly diving platforms and offers coaching to people of all ages!

Reconnect with Nature at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

I’ve always been fond of the beautiful little things that nature has to offer, so there was no way I’d be missing the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Thinking of spending time with plants may not sound exciting right now but trust me, when you’re taking a walk through its beautiful (and might I add, extremely fragrant) gardens, you’ll be glad you’re there. The best thing about Atlanta Botanical Garden is that you can actually get an online detailed itinerary by choosing what way you’d like to go. The Atlanta Botanical Garden has several exhibits suites for people of all ages; if you’re with the kids then go for the family adventure but if you’re fine with going solo, I suggest booking an online itinerary for its “Lose Yourself” garden.

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