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A mind-blowing and sensual experience that's almost too delicious and decadent to keep to ourselves - I'd love for you to meet my friend Alexandria,

Alex: The hottie with a heart of gold and a knack for making everyone feel right at home. I'm the one who's always up for cuddling on the couch with a good movie or getting lost in deep conversations


Grace: The bubbly heartthrob with a passion for life and a love for all things spontaneous. You'll often find me planning our next escapade or cracking jokes to keep the mood light.

Our Ideal Plus One:

  • A gent who's been thinking about coloring outside of the lines for a while.

  • Someone who prefers  something different like rocky road in a world full of vanilla

  • Someone who shares our love for good food, great company, and spontaneous adventures.

  • A sense of humor is a must—we love to laugh and believe that life's too short to take too seriously.


Are you a gentleman who's ready to join our little love triangle and make some magic happen and see some sparks fly?

Jont - DC



1 Hour                  $1,400

90 Minutes           $1,800

2 Hours                 $2,200

3 Hours                 $3,000

4 Hours                 $4,000

8 Hours                 $6,500

12 Hours                $12,000

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